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And Here We Go Again.

io9 posted another article about the film Noah. Naturally the comments swayed a certain direction...…

To be fair, the comments aren't as blatantly combative and anti-religious as some have been, but they are still a good example as to why I avoid any articles related to religion- it's generally a blood-in-the-water scenario.


And me without my shark suit.

Seriously, as a Christian I know how hard it is to try and convey the concept of my (or anyone's) faith to people who want to argue facts. That's the point of faith, to believe in something even though you've never been shown a shred of hard evidence. It's not rational. It's not logical. It's something you feel deep down inside of you, and it's not something that can be charted, measured or diagrammed for someone. It's like a bird trying to explain to a fish how it flies. Basic understanding and acceptance just won't happen, no matter what modern apologists might say.


It's an argument no religious person can truly win, but it's an argument non-religious folk keep wanting to have, for some reason. Because winning that argument gets them what, exactly? A personal sense of achievement? The thought that perhaps they did something to undermine what they believe is an archaic and dangerous institution? A small measure of retribution for being forced to go to church as a child? If one conversation with an atheist is all it takes for a person of faith to suddenly lose faith, their faith was pretty damn shaky to begin with and the victory is pretty hollow. The other outcome isn't a win- it's a draw. A person of faith will eventually accept that they can't win the argument because they have no factual basis for their beliefs and the person against will eventually realize that using facts against a person of faith will fall on deaf ears. So why bother? Seriously, why? If acceptance is the only truly valuable outcome, why is that the outcome that is so often not achieved (or even worked toward)?

Meanwhile I just want to read spoilers on superhero movies and awesome articles about space exploration. I'm perfectly happy to leave my religion out of every io9 article I click on because I can separate the two. Unfortunately i09 often doesn't want to leave my religion out of every article they write.


Of course, it's not all atheists. Some close friends of mine are atheists and we are very respectful of our individual paths of enlightenment. But there's always a vocal few (both religious and atheist) that seem to froth the waters and make a frenzy of things.

What I would love is for everyone to just accept everyone. That's a lofty goal, I know. What can I say? I'm an idealist.


An idealist with no shark suit.

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